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Transportation Options

from Denver International Airport to Boulder CO


  • RTD Skyride bus: You can find this bus on the Westin Hotel side of the airport, go to the ground floor and the bus will be in bay number 8. Click here for the bus schedule.  The cost of the bus is $10.50 (one way), and you can purchase through this link to a mobile ticketing app. If you are staying on campus, please depart at the "Broadway and Euclid" Station. You will be on campus and can navigate to the dorm using this link to campus maps. If you are staying at a local hotel, please depart at the "Boulder Downtown Station" this station is on 14th and Walnut streets. You can then take an App-based ride service (Uber or Lyft Apps) from this station to your hotel.

  • The Green Ride: You can book this service on-line using this link. This service will provide shared shuttle service from the airport to your hotel (or campus). The price for this service is $55 (one way for one person).

  • Z-Trip: This is a taxi service that you can book ahead on-line or via phone. Prices vary.

  • App-based Ride Services: Uber and Lyft provide airport services. The fees vary but are approximately $75-100 (one way).

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