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Feminist Geography

June 15 - 17, 2022

We warmly invite you to participate in the fourth international Feminist Geography Conference "Pushing Boundaries” to be held virtually and in-person at the University of Colorado at Boulder, June 15-17, 2022. Our main goals are to gather as feminist geographers, to share our work (however “in progress” it may be), and to discuss in community. 


Pushing Boundaries acknowledges the ways physical, geopolitical, theoretical, imagined, emotional, biological and disciplinary boundaries inform and are informed by our research and feminist praxis. In some cases, these boundaries are prohibitive and reproduce exclusions. In others, feminist geography pushes against, critiques and traverses such boundaries, leading to greater insight driven by the imperative for social justice and inclusion at all scales. 


The format of the conference also pushes against and extends geographical boundaries of time and space. The conference will be hosted both in-person at University of Colorado Boulder, USA, with time zone-friendly programming for India, the UK, Canada, and at multiple sites including Uganda and Ecuador. 


The conference (in-person and online) supports multiple formats and modes of engagement including flipped paper sessions, roundtable discussions, professional development workshops, mentoring and networking opportunities, ‘in person’ self-organized events, virtual coffee time and keynote panels. All sessions will be recorded and available live and for 30 days following the conference for registered participants to view. 

Hub & Node Model

The conference's multilateral hub and node model includes hubs in multiple countries where colleagues from those regions can gather in similar time zones to plan in-person conference activities, such as networking and mentoring sessions that take place in person and in real-time.

Flipped Conference Sessions

A “flipped” conference allows all conference attendees to view every presentation regardless of their time zone. It will also allow for the maximum amount of time for discussion and interaction in-person and virtually during the conference.

Keynote Speaker Panel

The keynote address will be delivered via a pre-recorded interview and live discussion panel with four scholars on the topic of pushing boundaries in Geography. See below for more information.

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